Introducing Editor-Approved Airbnb for Lodging and Entertainment

It’s the Airbnb for lodging and entertainmentPeer space

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It’s officially holiday season! As someone who lives in a one-bedroom apartment in New York, accommodate a large group (although it’s something I enjoy), has never been in the cards. As I chose to bring people together at the restaurant and karaoke bars in the past, it’s not the same as having a full-fledged party with friends.

This year things changed after I came across Peer space, which I call Airbnb for lodging and entertainment. Yes, that’s exactly what you think. The site offers a selection of unique places, showcases at the roofs—across the Big Apple that customers can rent for as little as $28 per hour. There are even spaces owned by content creators, like Rachel Martinwho rents his magnificent corner loft in Brooklyn to an hourly rate of only $98. (If you’ve recently been inspired by Serena and Lily’s pink vacation home by Kemble Interiors in Palm Beachthis may be the perfect place to bring your own vision to life.)

For my night of festivities, I left with a beautiful art gallery at $150 per hour located in the heart of Greenwich Village and featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and 1,000 square feet of guest space. The experience couldn’t have been easier: I coordinated a time with my host through the site, showed up with food, drinks, and even a artificial christmas treeand the festivities were on.

Not only organizing a rally against the rules on vacation rental platforms but booking a conference room in a hotel or restaurant can be expensive. It’s also a lot less flexible, as you’ll usually have to pay extra for catering and other amenities. With Peerspace, I’ve turned an affordable gem of a place on my own terms. Come on, have you ever heard of the possibility of renting an art gallery in Manhattan at such a great price? Plus, it came with cleaning supplies, mugs, a table, and a bar cart.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that most spaces are bare so if you are particular about the decor, budget for these details and extra time for setup. I brought a Christmas tree to grow and storearranged assorted shiny tableware from amazon and one green tablecloth because I had a limited budget and I knew I could put everything together quickly. Additionally, there may be amenity fees such as site visits and rental of additional equipment (in the case of the gallery, large works of art), and depending on the booking, you will need to explain your event to the host before being approved. This is to ensure that the space can accommodate your party plans and the number of guests you invite.

Are you sold, but don’t live At New York? Don’t worry, Peerspace has locations all over the US and around the world. There are Peerspace lofts available in Paris with epic view of the Eiffel Tower has a modern house with swimming pool in Austin, Texas. You see, Peerspace isn’t just for holiday parties, you can find spaces for weddings, baby showers, photo shoots, and the list goes on. Let your imagination run wild and if you want to try Peerspace, click on here and create an account to get 15% off your reservation until February 28, 2023. Good accommodation!

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