Ireland vs. Scotland travel: who should you travel to?

The dilemma every traveler faces before planning their vacation – where to go? If you are at a crossroads between choosing between Ireland and Scotland, we are here to help and help you choose the best holiday destination taking different aspects into account!


Good weather can be a crucial indicator when choosing a destination. Scotland has a distinct oceanic climate, but milder than one would expect from its latitude. It is very windy, but the lowest temperature in winter is only 5 ° C. The rain is not constant, however, it remains quite wet all year round.

In Ireland, however, rain is more frequent and the summers are cooler. The main difference is that Ireland is generally cold and wetter; the oceanic climate is much more defined than in Scotland.

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Whether you decide to take a trip to ireland, or Scotland, you won’t be disappointed with the views. When it comes to landscapes, the two are quite similar, but there are still a few main differences. In Ireland, the lands are a bit greener and less dramatic, with more magical views. As for Scotland, there are more magnificent castles and palaces, surrounded by cliffs and pristine lakes, but less greenery.

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A specific cuisine can also be an important factor when traveling abroad. For example, if you want to eat like a real Irishman, the main menu usually consists of beef stew, cabbage, and bacon. In addition, tourists should try the soda bread and finally the pudding for dessert.

Scots love their dishes made with high quality meats, whether it’s appetizers, a meat pie, or the famous Haggis, which is an iconic dish with lamb sausages in various spices. and even oatmeal!

Overall, Scottish cuisine is a bit more adventurous, while the Irish menu could be more palatable for vegetarians.

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Ireland and Scotland are great for any kind of vacation you’re looking for, but there are some aspects of the entertainment you should consider. In terms of sightseeing, both countries are rich in beautiful landscapes, historical sites and monuments to visit, but wh

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about the nightlife?

Scotland remains a bit quieter, especially the capital, Edinburgh, where everything tends to close before midnight, and late-night shows are infrequent. However, you can make it to Glasgow if you are up for a party. The nights are usually enlivened by people looking to let off steam.

Ireland, on the other hand, has a bit of a wild side to it. The streets are full of traditional Irish bars and pubs which is quite significant in their country as they are incredibly proud of Irish whiskey and the famous Guinness beer.

Price and budget

You should always consider your budget before your trip, and in this section we show you the prices in Scotland and Ireland.

Accommodation in Scotland tends to be more expensive than in Ireland, with prices ranging from £ 56 to £ 250 per night. You should be prepared to spend around £ 120 per day, including accommodation, transport and food. Keep in mind that there aren’t many popular sites to view for free, which increases your spending.

Although not distinctly, but Ireland is a little cheaper. Hotels and Airbnbs tend to cost you between £ 50 and £ 230 per night. On average, you would probably spend around £ 110 here per day.

We hope to have helped you in this quest for choice between these two countries. Quite similar, yet unique, Ireland and Scotland are both great vacation destinations, so stay calm – there are no bad choices here!

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