Is Fisher Island a real place?

Netflix’s hit show Housemaid, one of the best dramas of the year, has a beautiful and haunting place to match the heart-wrenching story of Alex (Margaret Qualley), a young mother who is building a new life for her two-year-old daughter Maddy, far away. of her abusive ex. Based on the memoir of Stephanie Land Housekeeper: hard work, low wages and a mother’s will to survive, the show takes place in a fictional version of Land’s hometown in Washington state.

Throughout the show, Alex travels between shelters and social housing in Port Hampstead (based on the real town of Port Townsend) and travels to richer areas, such as the town of Fisher Island, to clean up. the homes of its customers. While the show’s portrayal is true to the Pacific Northwest regions, the show was actually filmed on Vancouver Island, Canada, with several parts of the Victoria area replacing Washington. The production was able to find locations for their fictional sets, including the luxurious Fisher Island.

Where was Maid filmed?

Vancouver Island is a popular filming location, with films including the X Men cinema and The Twilight Saga (with Housemaid star Billy Burke playing Bella’s dad), by Condé Nast Traveler. Designer Molly Smith Metzler told the local newspaper Times Colonist that the show was filmed entirely on location in the Victoria area, using 160 different locations, from budget supermarkets to seaside mansions.

“We didn’t have sets, we were on location. It shows. Victoria is such a character on the show,” Metzler said.

For fans who want to walk in Alex’s shoes, there are several options in nearby towns. Downtown Victoria has many local restaurants where scenes were filmed, including The Guild on Wharf Street, which was Sean’s bar replacement, The Swan. Cadboro Bay, which is part of the Saanich District, is home to both Regina’s oceanfront mansion in the Ten Mile Point neighborhood, and Cadboro-Gyro Park where Alex and Maddy play with Nate and his son. (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also stayed at North Saanich in January 2020, if you want to imagine the royal family in a house like Regina’s.)


As for the many ferry scenes, the one where Alex and Maddy sleep at the terminal was filmed at the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal, in the town of Sidney at the northern tip of Victoria Island. It is even possible to stay in one of Alex’s apartments; the gorgeous ocean view cabin where Alex is hosting Maddy’s birthday party in episode 6 is available at AirBnb, gazebo and all.

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Where is Fisher Island supposed to be?

The wealthy town, home to both Regina’s mansion and Alex’s favorite daycare center for Maddy, appears to be a fictitious surrogate for the wealthier communities near Alex’s hometown. There is a real Fisher Island in Washington state, but it’s further south on the Columbia River, instead of the show’s location near Seattle.

HousemaidThe two main metrics from, Port Hampstead and Fisher Island, show real income disparities between rich and poor cities in the Pacific Northwest, reflecting similar conditions across the country. Alex’s addiction to Fisher Island, both as the location of multiple cleaning clients and as the best daycare, subtly enhances the overall theme of the show, watching Alex build a life for herself and Maddy without the resources. that she needs.

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