It’s Back: The Las Vegas Influencer’s Strip Photoshoot Is Back

The multi-media-published photographer and influencer known as Tru is back on the Las Vegas Strip with all the gear you need to take some daring and fun photos during your visit to Las Vegas. Tru, a photographer who has photographed various social media influencers and celebrities including 8-time Grammy nominee Dawn Robinson, formerly of Envogue, provides an exhilarating, fun and friendly experience for Las Vegas visitors from around the world.

Tru, originally from New Mexico, moved to Los Angeles with a spark and an eye for capturing authentic portrayals of people. After starting a photography business in LA without even knowing how to start, Tru has created a whole new “photo walk experience for solo travelers and influencers” with social media influencers and travelers from all over the world looking to book a photographer for their photos in LA. Everyone wants travel photos, why not hire a photographer to do it?! Using platforms such as Airbnb and TripAdvisory to help promote the experience, the highly successful and sold-out photo walk was booked by thousands of people and generated a thriving business for the young Latinx photographer. After the widespread success in Los Angeles, Tru moved to Las Vegas and opened another photowalk location on the Strip, gaining attention as the first social media influencer photo experience to take place there. This shoot has opened up reservations again, and anyone looking for eye-catching, fun, and aesthetically pleasing photos for their social media is welcome.

Tru comes naturally when it comes to making first photo shoots comfortable and easily breaks down anyone’s stage fright barrier. With fun poses and iconic locations to take them past, this influencer experience is the perfect photo reservation you’ll need in Las Vegas.

Contact for booking in Las Vegas [email protected] Visit Tru’s photography portfolio at

“To visit for randomly generated dog photos… just because. – true 🙂


“Wow, what a wonderful experience. Tru is definitely the epitome of a good host and photographer!” – Anthony

“The day exceeded my expectations. It really felt like we were hanging out with a very knowledgeable and talented friend. – Michelle

“Tru is so professional and funny, I had a wonderful time doing the photos” – Alex

“Tru is so down to earth. She puts you so at ease when I’m a little nervous. – Sun

“Totally worth the price. As a skilled photographer, Tru is very good at making you feel comfortable and confident when taking photos. On top of that, Tru has a great personality that makes everyone happy and comfortable.” – Vivian

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