It’s the best city in Europe for remote work

The pandemic has forced a lot of changes in our lives. Flexibility has been key to getting through the past two years. Workplaces in particular quickly adapted with desktop computers being shipped to homes and residential apartments and we suddenly found ourselves in a back room or bedroom trying to do our 9-5 while trying to maintain a good work-life balance.

This was harder to do as we were confined to 2km or having to home school simultaneously. But as we emerge from the pandemic, many companies have gained a new awareness of productivity when it comes to remote work.

In other words, work hasn’t suffered, for the most part.

In fact, it prompted many to choose their work environment a little more carefully – WeWork spaces grew, remote work centers where people could interact with other colleagues began to replace the settings of traditional office. Employers began to wonder what the giant downtown rental was for when we could now collaborate so successfully via Zoom or twice-weekly meetings.

As the Great Resignation was underway, as people recalibrated their decisions, so was the Great Overhaul. I have a friend who moved to France to work remotely. She rented a great apartment in Nice with a view of the promenade and went to the beach during her lunches. Not everyone has the luxury of such a dramatic change, but it opened up possibilities when it came to the view from your office window.

Today, a survey looked at 20 European countries to find out which is the best when it comes to remote working. Marketing agency Absolute Digital Media ranks the affordability of an average flight to each city and rates the city based on the following criteria; the average cost of a 2-bed Airbnb, cost of living, internet speed, pollution rate, cost of a coffee, and the remote worker laws in each location.

With an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day Prague in the Czech Republic is the second best country in Europe to work. It would only cost €92 for a flight and €88 for a 2 bed BnB. All you would need is a digital nomad visa and you would be good to go.

Portugal is also an excellent choice for working abroad with a cost from €120 and a 2-bed AirBnB costing around €117 Although the internet speed is 22.75 Mbps you can still enjoy a coffee at an average of 1h30 and 10 hours of sunshine per day!

Want to work with a view of the Eiffel Tower? So maybe think again because working in Paris is the country with the lowest score. The average speed is 30.44 Mbps and the pollution rate is 64.77

But the survey revealed that the best city to work remotely is Madrid. The average cost of a 2-bedroom BnB at €88 and with 11 hours of sunshine per day, what more could you ask for?

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