Jamie Laing went all the way to Leeds to beg for a place at university after being rejected

“I just went up there and knocked on the door of the theater department”

Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing has said he took the train to Leeds to apply for his university place, after the university rejected him.

Speaking on his Private Parts podcast with Alex Mytton, Jamie said he had just knocked on the door of the drama department and explained that he had failed his exams but still wanted to go to university .

He ended up having a visit from the head of the department and was told to apply again the following year. When he returned home and logged on to UCAS the next day to reapply, Jamie found he had an unconditional offer.

“I got on the train alone, not telling my mom, my parents, whoever,” Jamie said. “I just went up there and knocked on the door of the drama department and said, ‘Hi, I failed my exams, but I really want to come here’. And they’re went, ‘well, we’re fully subscribed’.

Jamie said he asked if he could just drop by and talk to the speaker. “So this guy, who was head of the drama department, showed me around the theater department in Leeds, and at the end he said, ‘Listen, I admire your courage, I hope we’ll see you in a few years’.”

Continuing, Jamie explained how he said, “‘I just wanted to let you know that I would be a great student here’. And I went home, woke up the next day, and went on my UCAS to apply for again, and I had an unconditional offer from Leeds.

Jamie studied acting and performance in Leeds, before making his debut at Made in Chelsea in 2011. He now has two podcasts you’ve seen on your TikTok FYP before – Private Parts, and NewlyWeds with his fiancée Sophie Habboo.

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