Jenny Ryan from The Chase hilariously pokes fun at the hot pics of Madonna’s bedroom | Celebrity News | Show biz & TV

Jenny Ryan is the latest celebrity to share her thoughts on Madonna’s latest racy photo series. The 63-year-old singer left fans stunned when she dropped several provocative photographs that left very little to the imagination as she posed in her room in Los Angeles.

Madonna shared the 10-piece series yesterday with her unsuspecting fans.

She could be seen rolling around a large white bed and exposing her nipple and bare buttocks.

Jenny Ryan took to Twitter to delight her 102,000 followers with a hysterical comparison to Madonna’s racy shots.

Next to a photo of Madonna hovering on her bedroom floor, dressed in a thong and fishnet tights, Jenny wrote: “Waking up in the Airbnb after the hen knowing you have 20 minutes before the hen. departure.”

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However, a user named Bar wrote, “I really don’t think Madonna cares what you think… never did it, never will. Don’t like it, don’t follow… simple.”

Actress Kate Beckinsale even tricked her 22-year-old daughter, Lily, into believing that the viral snap of Madonna’s butt actually belonged to her.

The actress shared a series of messages with her daughter that began with a photo of Madonna’s legs and buttocks sticking out from under a bed.

Kate then wrote: “Do you think it’s too much that I posted this? The thing is, my ass looks good.”

Lily then replied that she was baffled by the photo. She said: “I’m a little confused I have to say. I think it’s a bit too much but it’s also very artistic.”

Kate then turned frank and said, “Lol, it’s Madonna. Like I never would. I can’t believe you can’t recognize your own mother’s anus under the bed.”

Expressing her relief to discover the true owner of the racy shot, Lily said: “Ma was a dodge. [rollercoaster]. “

“Ha ha, I sniffle,” Kate replied as her daughter revealed she was “so relieved”.

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