Dilapidated cabin in British Columbia just sold for $ 200,000 and people spotted its impressive potential

People stood up for a dilapidated cabin, which was listed at $ 235,000 and just sold for $ 200,000.

The 500 square foot property, which was built in 1962, is in New Denver, British Columbia and in a Reddit thread some users have criticized its price.

However, other users were quick to point out some of the awesome perks included in the sale price, which aren’t the actual run down cabin itself.

The cabin has hydraulic and water installations, internet and a septic tank. It is close to local shops, schools and a hospital.

So what are these awesome benefits?

The land that is included in the sale price of $ 235,000 is 10,800 square feet. The cabin is within walking distance of Slocan Lake and offers stunning views of the Valhalla Ranges in the Selkirk Mountains.

The sale price includes another building which is currently used for storage. The listing describes the property as “perfect for those looking for a lifestyle change at a slower pace”.

What did the people say?

People on Reddit quickly spotted the size of the lot and corrected any questioning the price.

One user, who appears to have the mindset of an investor, posted: “What you do is just interior design. Hire a real estate photographer to photograph it well. And you’ve got yourself. – even an “escape to the woods” Airbnb can rent you for $ 1,700 per month. Mortgage covers easily. “

Others were complementary about New Denver.

Another user seems to speak from experience when describing what New Denver looks like.

According to the list, the population of New Denver is 476 people with an average family income of just over $ 54,000.

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