José Andrés and his family in Spain: the actors share their filming locations and their favorite meals

CALIFORNIA: A huge surprise for me was Valencia. We had never spent more than a day or two there [as a family]. It’s beautiful, and we went during the Fallas, which is this week-long festival with these huge wooden or papier-mâché figures that are then burned at the end. And the town looks like King’s Landing game of thrones.

A plate of prawns al ajillo prepared by José Andrés in Andalusia

Courtesy of Discovery+

How was the paella in Valencia?

CALIFORNIA: [José] place us in a paella contest.

JA: I was so proud that they created the paella.

CALIFORNIA: Inés certainly had the most experience [cooking it] of us three girls, I would say, because she was the closest to my father while he was cooking the paella and she was the first one who was taught how to control the fire. You really have to know how to control the fire of the paella, and the different types of wood. You would never think so much goes into the making, what you would think is just a simple plate of rice.

AI: And there is so much politics in the making of paella. If you add rosemary, you don’t add snails. Or if you have the snails, then you don’t add the rosemary.

CALIFORNIA: In Valencia, I wanted to add snails but Inés didn’t want snails.

JA: Everyone was jealous that you had the best snails. Do you know how much we pay for these snails? Like $1 a snail.

CALIFORNIA: We have cooked Valencian paella a lot as a family at home – whenever we have time, usually on weekends, as it is a very big dish, and we usually cook it over an open fire. It’s a very communal activity, so lots of friends can come. It can feed several.

JA: And if more people show up to the party, what do you do?

AC and AI: Just add a little more rice.

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