Juliani’s comment after Brenda Wairimu’s story about raised eyebrow deception

In a tweet, the Utawala hitmaker said this; Nime review wase wana try ku connect my tweet na hio ya B! Mtangoja sana kuona niki fights mother mtoi wangu kwa hizi app ”.

On August 10, Juliani posted a tweet that said; “When we tell our stories hakuna mtu ujipresent kama nasty” prompting netizens to link it to a story Brenda Wairimu shared earlier.

“Eating good guys alone at an AirBnB and I remembered the time I found out I was cheated because we ordered pizza and the good guys sent her to her house instead and she called to tell us… please don’t ever let me date again ” reads a tweet from Brenda Wairimu (now deleted).

The tweet is what prompted Kenyans on Twitter to take action, many of whom are linked to Juliani, who has now said he will never argue with his Baby Mama on social media.

Juliani has always been Brenda Wairimu’s defender, although they split a few years ago. Together they have a beautiful daughter called Amor Owino.

On January 14, 2021, Juliani shut down a fan who had tried to attack her Baby Mama, Brenda Wairimu, claiming it had affected her music career.

A tweep, identified as LenKois (@Mtupombe) joined a conversation hosted by Osama Otero, where he had confessed to being a die-hard Juliani fan; “Mimi nayo nitazidi kukuwa Juliani is having a hard time. Unmatched iko pale iko content. And CONSISTENCY “.

The statement is what caught LenKois’ attention, prompting him to say; “Juliani was dope before kupatana na brenda wairimu”.

However, in a quick response, the Utawala hitmaker responded, asking the tweep to refrain from mentioning Brenda, adding that she had never done anything wrong (relative to her career).

He went on to say that she (Brenda Wairimu) gave him the greatest gift ever: a beautiful baby girl.

“Achana na Msichana wa wenyewe. Hakuna kitu ashawai fanya mbaya. if anything made the best gift ever, the most amazing little girl, ” reads Juliani’s response.

Juliani and Brenda have a daughter named Amor Owino and have agreed on a co-parenting deal that works for them.

“I often spend time with my daughter. As recently, I spent four days with her. Brenda Wairimu is open to co-parenting and she’s been really supportive on that front. She always advises me to spend more time with the girl… Brenda is a very understanding person… I wish her good luck. I pray to God to grant her success in whatever she intends to do ”, Juliani said in a 2019 interview with K24.

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