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GENEFIT Genetics Platform Adds Daniel Guzman and Tom Jobe to its Leadership Team


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Genetics platform GENEFIT has recruited two influencers to its leadership team as it seeks to attract athletes and teams with its proprietary software that links a player’s physiological data to their genes.

Former LAFC Head of Strength and Conditioning Daniel Guzman and former Inter Miami CF Director of Fitness and Rehabilitation Tom Jobe are now part of a company – powered by Genetics 3×4 – which uses smart algorithms to help elite players better understand their bodies. Guzman will serve as head of corporate sales, while Jobe’s title is head of corporate sales.

GENEFIT – through its app – advises athletes on training, rehabilitation, injury management and diet by quantifying the correlation between a player’s physiology and genetics. The goal is to take the guesswork out of training, recovery and injury prevention with personalized data that can be passed on to a player, their coach or coach.

The company also sells take-out meals genetic test kits, where users collect DNA samples from inside their cheeks and send them to 3×4 Genetics to be analyzed for genetic insights into metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, fitness, weight, hormones, cognition, and reactions to specific foods or supplements.

Guzman and Jobe previously crossed paths at LAFC, which in November became the first professional sports team associate with 3×4 Genetics and to rely on its software platform which analyzes the genetic data of athletes. Prior to enrolling with LAFC, Guzman began his career with the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2014 as the youngest head strength and conditioning coach in MLS. He then became Head Performance Coach for the United States Men’s National Team, orchestrating their strength, conditioning and recovery strategies throughout the team’s 1,017 international competitions.

Jobe – prior to his stint at Inter Miami CF – was responsible for both sports science and strength and conditioning for LAFC. Prior to that, he held performance positions with the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers.

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