Katie Holmes directs her first film in New York

Katie holmes officially puts his talents behind the camera to make his first film.

The actress and director has been seen on the set of her upcoming film Rare items for the first time in New York. For the occasion, the 42-year-old wore a green puffer jacket and cropped blue jeans as she directed scenes for the film on Wednesday, October 27.

Holmes certainly stood out as she donned an orange beanie and covered her face with a hot pink mask as she stepped behind the camera for her third time as a director.

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In the photos from the set, Katie seemed deeply focused on her job as she spoke with the production staff alongside the cameras while giving the crew instructions. At one point, she held a Diet Coke and sat on a porch while chatting with a member of her crew.

The Batman begins actress made her directorial debut in 2016 with drama All we had, in which she also starred.

In May, she finished filming her second feature film in Connecticut. This film focuses on two strangers who fall in love when forced to quarantine together at an AirBnb in upstate New York after confusion with their reservations.

Katie stars in the movie with Melissa Leo, Jim Sturgess, and Derek luc.

First pics of Katie Holmes directing her movie in New York© GrosbyGroup

Holmes announced his intention to adapt that of Kathleen Tessaro historical fiction novel 2016 Rare items for the big screen in 2018. The book follows the lives of several recent immigrants living in Boston’s North End.

In May 2020, she launched her production company Lafayette Pictures in partnership with Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Beckerman, and Jesse korman by Yale Productions.

Speaking about this project and the launch of her production company, Katie said Deadline, ‘”I am very excited to embark on this journey, working to bring authentic characters and stories to the screen.”

First pics of Katie Holmes directing her movie in New York© GrosbyGroup

The star also discussed the difficulties she encountered in trying to get Rare items green light for production in April 2020, revealing how long it took to make the movie.

Rare items has been in the works for four or five years, ”she said. In the style. “It hurts when you ask the opinion of people you respect and they say it’s not good. It’s like, “Can you be a little more specific? I am not an idiot.

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