Las Vegas couple quit their jobs to rent personal cars through the app | New

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – People can rent their homes through Airbnb, rent a ride through Uber or Lyft, and there’s even an app to rent home swimming pools.

Now some people in Las Vegas rent their cars for days or weeks at a time and for some it has become their full time job.

“I really think this will be the new way of renting cars,” said Linda Hacco. She and Christopher Thompson started on the Turo platform with one car.

“We got involved in March… We had some friends doing it and then we just decided to put my car on it one day and test the water,” Hacco said. The couple now have their own fleet of nine vehicles.

“Our cars keep going. All of our cars are booked all the time, ”Hacco said. She said she was so busy washing and delivering cars that she quit her job as a convention planner.

Turo hosts like Hacco and Thompson set the rental price of their vehicles on the app. Hacco said there had been problems, but said the company took care of them.

“One car was stolen and then another wrecked, so we just filed a claim with Turo and they take care of all the paperwork and pay us for the car,” she said.

The couple say they’re so busy they’re now trying to find more space to house their growing fleet, are planning a trip to Los Angeles to purchase another vehicle, and are looking to hire two people to wash and deliver their cars.

Turo is similar to any rental agency, drivers must have proof of insurance and a valid license.

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