LATS celebrates 20 years of service to Lawton

The Lawton Area Transit System will be celebrating 20 years of service in the Lawton area, April 25-30, with special events for each day!

For most of us who remember the days before the bus system existed, it seems like it’s only been a minute since they started meeting the needs of residents to reach other parts of the city. town.

LATS is the public transportation system serving the city of Lawton, Oklahoma. LATS has been serving Lawton residents for over eighteen (18) years providing fixed routes and paratransit services during those years. LATS is governed by the Trust, a body made up of the elected members of Lawton’s council. LATS was managed on behalf of the Trust by HTG (Hendrickson Transportation Group). Buses travel clockwise and counter-clockwise along the routes with a fifteen minute separation between directions of travel. LATS also operates a shuttle service to Fort Sill Artillery Base. LATS operates a fixed route bus system five (5) days a week, being closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

To celebrate the birthday, LATS has come up with fun activities that will commemorate each day of birthday week!

  • Monday -Moving and Groovin: All operators will wear a
    memorial tiedye tshirt LATS 20 markingand
    birthday. We will distribute matching bracelets to
    the public.
  • Tuesday – Brighten up your day: we will give a free mini
    LATS flashlights to the public.
  • Wednesday They say it couldn’t be done: Come and
    celebrate with us at Lawton Farmers Market on

    Wednesday April 27
    and at 10 o’clock. Oand will honor people who
    been part of the team from the start
    and some
    s who continue to make it successful.
  • Thursday Wear a smile for every mile: Free keychains
    be given to the public
  • Friday Finishing line: The public can tor enter to win a
    $100 gift card
    . Please scan the QR code (found on our buses,
    website and Facebook page) to register.
  • Saturday Customer Aappreciation Day: Fun activities and
    food will be held at our downtown transfer center from

    11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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