Lawyer for Israeli Tinder scammer claims he was robbed by Tinder date

Eli Okkon, an Israeli lawyer representing some high profile clients including infamous Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev, claimed he was robbed in Budapest by a woman he met through the popular dating app.

Okkon claims he was also physically assaulted and that the crimes against him were anti-Semitic in nature, as he says his date, who said her name was Alexa, remarked at one point that “Jews know how to sniff out real estate opportunities”. He thinks he was deliberately targeted.

“She knew I was Israeli and pointed out to me that Jews know how to sniff out real estate opportunities and make a lot of money. She suggested we go up to my room. I wasn’t interested in dating but more looking for someone to settle down with,” he said.

“At one point I went to the bathroom and when I came back she literally stormed the door. Later I realized she had stolen my passport, 12,000 euros, all my credit cards and jewelry. I have filed a report please report to the police.”

Stranded in a foreign country with no passport or money, Okkon rented an apartment on Airbnb. Okkun claims he was approached outside the apartment by a drunken man who mentioned Alexa’s name and berated him for turning himself in to the police for the theft.

“He told me ‘you filed a complaint, you look Jewish’ and beat me to death. I lost consciousness,” he says.

“I lay on the sidewalk for three hours. When I woke up in the morning there was a man who woke me up and told me they weren’t sleeping on the streets here.”

I have no doubt that it was an anti-Semitic robbery and assault. I think it was his pimp who was sent to beat me.”

Okkon both advises and represents Leviev, real name Shimon Hayut, an Israeli con artist popularly known as “Tinder Swindler” after a hit Netflix documentary of the same name covering his escapades.

The beaten lawyer is still in Budapest trying to recover from the trauma.

“I would like to meet Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and tell him what the anti-Semites in his country are doing to the Jews,” he said.

Unfortunately, I don’t get any updates from the local police on the status of the investigation or if they were successful in catching the scammer who robbed me.”

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