Legendary place at Al Capone’s loft in Hot Springs, AR

Hot Springs, Arkansas is famous nationwide for its famous Bathhouse Row in the downtown historic district, but did you know this national park town was a haven for some of America’s notorious gangsters in the 1920s? , including Al Capone?

Now you can relive that piece of history by spending the night at Al Capone’s Loft, that’s right, you can sleep in the loft that one of America’s most notorious criminals called home while trying to escape the forces of the ‘order. Hot Springs, Arkansas was considered a hiding place for much of the crowd due to the underground tunnels around the city.

This Airbnb has been completely renovated and Capone’s Loft is one-of-a-kind luxury with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a full kitchen and a huge bar.

Master bedroom

Believe it or not, the room was once a gambling hall during the Prohibition era and actually has a hatch in the ceiling where the whiskey was delivered.

Second bedroom

Walking through the loft you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time as there are framed artworks featuring old billboards.

Draft beer system

You and your friends can enjoy a cold draft beer with the draft beer system in the entertainment room with a pool table, non-working slot machine and, for modern convenience, an Xbox gaming system, a free Wi-Fi, plenty of snacks and a coffee maker.

The balcony

Imagine stepping out onto the balcony like Al Capone overlooking Central Avenue and the world’s shortest street, Bridge Street, home to the shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Al Capone’s loft is in the heart of the entertainment district with many restaurants, bars and museums, including the America’s Gangster Museum which features an Al Capone exhibit.

It was Al Capone who ordered the most famous coup in our history, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929, in which he ordered the assassination of seven rivals.

For a better look at Capone’s Loft, watch this video tour.

For more information on this really cool place, visit the Airbnb website. And don’t worry, if you hear footsteps at night, it might just be the ghost of Al Capone.

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