Lil Wayne’s $20 Million Lawsuit Against Former Manager Takes a Major Hit

Various claims made by lil wayne in his $20 million countersuit against his ex-manager and attorney Robert Sweeney were fired.

According to Lawan appeals court ruled in favor of Sweeney after hearing four allegations in the lawsuit, including causes of action for fraudulent inducement, malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment.

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The First Division found that Weezy’s charges against his former employee had no merit, effectively quashing a fraction of the court case, which was originally filed in 2019. The New Orleans rapper alleges that the Sweeney Company, Sweeney, Johnson & Sweeney LLC, took disproportionate payments as part of legal settlements with Cash Money Records and Universal Music Group. He also said Sweeney charged him 10% to broker deals for him, a figure significantly higher than the standard 5% fee.

In December 2020, Sweeney filed a complaint against his former client over $20 million in unpaid commissions. The rapper then filed his aforementioned lawsuit, in which he accused Sweeney of overloading him and failing to perform his managerial duties.

In 2021, the Manhattan Supreme Court dismissed four of Weezy’s original lawsuit main claims, along with four other charges and several other parts of the lawsuit. Later that year, Wayne failed to appear for a deposition, as Sweeney sought his percentage of the settlement the lyricist did with Cash Money in May 2018.

John Harris, Sweeney’s appeals attorney, said he was ‘satisfied that the Court of Appeal has dismissed Lil Wayne’s cynical attempt not to pay Ronald Sweeney for the work Mr. Sweeney has done for him’ . He continued, adding that he and his client “will vigorously pursue his demands for payment and demand that Lil Wayne appear in court to answer for his actions.”

Sweeney served as Wayne’s attorney from 2005 until 2018, when the couple separated.

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