Live like a modern Unabomber in this tiny house on 7 acres

We’re pretty sure the Unabomber didn’t have quite as much class.

A little house in Schoharie County went on the market for $95,000. While it’s not quite a desolate cabin in the woods, it’s relatively secluded on over 7 scenic acres overlooking Lake Rossman, in Summit, New York.

This tiny house is fully solar powered and has a fully functional kitchen and wood burning stove. The listing says there is an “outdoor hot shower” although no picture of it was on the Zillow listing. You can still dunk your head in the lake during the warmer months.

The listing describes it as “Private and secluded. A unique and rare opportunity to own a film-ready tiny home and waterfront property all in one!”

Although most people see it more as a summer camp, if you’re brave you can make it your year-round home. Without a lot of distractions, there would be plenty of time to study explosive materials and wiring diagrams. The nearest post office is only 4 miles away.

The tiny house craze has been going on for years, with many people opting for a smaller lifestyle instead of cities and suburbs. Tiny homes are usually around 400 square feet and are built to exist off the grid. Depending on the build, many still have modern amenities and appliances powered by renewable resources.

TV shows such as HGTV Small house, big living room helped popularize the tiny house craze. A big part of the appeal seems to be space saving – how creative can you be with what little space you have? Many house hunters wonder if they could really live this way.

As far as tiny houses go, you could definitely do a lot worse than this one. Check out the images in the gallery below.

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This little house on Lake Rossman in Schoharie County combines all the charms of living like Unabomber, without all that dirt.

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