Live out your Patrick Swayze Road House fantasy in this Wyoming barn

When my wife and I started dating, we regularly had movie nights and took turns cooking dinner. To your surprise, I’m the best cook. But, one of those movie nights included the ’80s classic Road House. Now, this corn-fed Southern Indiana girl had never been introduced to this absolute banger.

Just before turning on the movie, I told him that he had won about 8 Oscars. She was really excited until the music started and the opening scene aired. She realized she had been tricked.

It’s still one of the greatest movies to date. Don’t @ me.

Anybody. I was researching Airbnb earlier, looking for places to travel before we got a bunch of snow, and found this Airbnb that gave me Road House vibes. If you remember in the Oscar-winning movie 8, Patrick Swayze rented a loft barn. It was REALLY nice. I will say this about the Wyoming version of this loft, it is beautiful.

This Wyoming barn loft is located in Lovell, Wyoming, and if you want to stay at this Airbnb, they only charge $100 a night. What is a theft! According to the description on Aibnb, they moved the barn from Cody, Wyoming to Lovell. It was originally an old grocery store.

I can totally see that.

They also mention all the fishing and hunting opportunities, this seems like a great getaway for outdoor enthusiasts or people just looking to get away from it all.

Go ahead, wipe your feet, let’s take a ride.

Live out your Patrick Swayze Road House fantasy in this Wyoming barn

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