Love Island apartments in Liverpool and Blackpool that look like the real thing

Rooms are a huge hit on TikTok (Photo: Airbnb)

Love Island is in full swing, with this season’s Casa Amor just ended and the drama at an all-time high.

Thanks to coronavirus restrictions, however, it’s highly unlikely we’ll be able to stay in our own sun-drenched Mallorcan vacation home – but there’s always a way to feel the way you are.

Two apartments suitable for large groups recently grabbed the headlines because they look exactly like the villa on Love Island, and while you can’t sunbathe here in the UK, we have to agree they do look a lot.

One, located in Liverpool, is iStay Temple Court.

Newly renovated in 2020, there are several apartments that can accommodate between 4 and 20 people each – just keep your party so no one gets dumped.

A tour of the room was posted by Evie Green on TikTok, having now been viewed over 7 million times and garnering comments such as “What’s in the Love Island Villa ?!”

iStay Liverpool with 'Love Island vibes' ..

Recognize them? (Photo: Liverpool Echo)

The bedroom area is the closest thing to where Islanders sleep, with colorful pillows and beds lined up.

However, there’s also the dressing room, which looks a lot like where the girls get ready for their daily “night”, filled with Hollywood mirrors and LED lights.

Prices start from £ 445 per night for the apartment in question.

Love Island villa blackpool

The living room of the ‘villa’ in Blackpool (Photo: Airbnb)

Likewise, there are the eponymous Blackpool Love Island Suite Sasco apartments, which were also designed with the hit reality show in mind.

The same company also has a Peaky Blinders Suite – which is much more low-key – while the Love Island Suite is packed with touches to make it look like the Mallorcan apartment.

Pink neon lights, signs saying “I have a text” and a big old sofa to discuss who shot who to chat are part of the decor.

Love Island villa blackpool

Love Island Suite Sasco Apartments (Photo: Airbnb)

For eight people, the apartment includes a washing machine, a kitchen and of course a tea / coffee maker. Perfect if you want to know who wants to be the person who gets up and makes everyone coffee so everyone is ready for the morning.

Prices start from £ 225 per night for the Love Island Suite.

Okay, so Blackpool and Liverpool don’t make for days by the pool, but if you bring your most muscular, blonde friends, you’ll feel like you are in real life.

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