Lowest-rated Airbnb in MI’s UP has an invaluable response from the owner

You can’t please everyone.

Well, while digging through Airbnb for a casino trip I’m planning this summer, I came across this gem of a location. First off, can we all just agree that a 4.35 rating on Airbnb isn’t bad at all! I was quite amazed actually that 4.35 was the lowest rating on the Upper Peninsula.

Second, we also have to recognize that when you book a cabin in UP Michigan, you have to know that it’s not going to be a 5 star luxury hotel! It’s a cabin in one of the most beautiful places in the world, so enjoy the simple things in life. If you’re worried that a cookie sheet isn’t provided, bring one or go there to buy one. Hell, on my trip to Florida last week and an amazing hotel, I even made a quick run to Walmart just to buy a toaster to use for 4 days and then leave it behind.

See the full review and answer below! The cardboard cutting line in the answer is the best.

Third, we all know that some people just aren’t happy no matter what you do. I will say that I don’t know what happened in this exchange between the owner and the guest. However, after reading other reviews, I feel like the owner has probably gone out of their way to accommodate this guest. I have met so many people in life who refuse to be happy and just have to be difficult.

In the end, life isn’t hard, we just make it hard. Don’t be a fool, respect others and let the little things roll off your back.

Source: Airbnb

Lowest-rated Airbnb in MI’s UP has an invaluable response from the owner

You can’t please everyone and sometimes you just have to go back. Let’s be honest, a rating of 4.35 is still a great rating.

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