Mahogany uncovers Ben’s sketchy past with 20-something

Ben Rathbun hasn’t been honest about his past relationship with Mahogany Roca. Mahogany grows suspicious of the “perfect” Ben as she uncovers a secret.

90 day fiance Star Ben Rathbun’s history with a woman in her twenties makes Mahogany Roca skeptical of a relationship with him. In the beginning, Ben and Mahogany’s story on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days sounded like a typical story of catfishing and caution. Mahogany refusing to make video calls with Ben or the ghost literally when he went to Peru to meet her made it seem like she was scamming him. When Ben saw Mahogany, she didn’t look like the woman in his Instagram photos. Additionally, Mahogany even lied to Ben about his age and his apartment, which appears to be an Airbnb rental. But then again, the 30-year age difference between Ben and Mahogany is also a cause for concern for some fans.


When Ben realized Mahogany was 22, not 24, alarm bells started ringing in his head. Ben said it was strange for him to date a woman as old as his eldest daughter. Fans explained that Ben had no qualms about marrying a 23-year-old woman, which is the age he thought Mahogany was when he met her. As Ben found out these details about Mahogany and realized she was also lying about her apartment, he rushed out the door, claiming he felt weird. Ben apparently wanted to leave for the airport right away because he thought he was being scammed.

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But as expected, Ben is still in Peru in 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days episode 12, asking Mahogany why she doesn’t consider him her boyfriend in a preview shared by People. Ben wants to know”what changed“between when they were texting and meeting in person because now Mahogany claims they are”just friends” and not “Boyfriend and girlfriend.“According to Mahogany, Ben never said to him:”Let’s be a couple,on texts when he himself assumed they were already exclusive. “Answer me something. Have you ever dated a 20 year old in your life?Mahogany asks Ben. “After my divorce, I dated someone who was 27 for three years and we were going to get married. But in the end, she didn’t accept my children,he admits.


Not entirely convinced of the reason for the separation of Ben and his ex-fiancé, Mahogany explains how it is “really strange” that he blames things between him and his ex-wife not working on his religion. “Now you tell me you dated a 27-year-old girl, but she didn’t accept your kids,“Mahogany mocks former pastor Ben. She asks her how she’s supposed to believe that “Benjamin is perfect” and he was never responsible for the disappearance of his past relationships. “I feel like I don’t have to defend my past cause it’s behind me nowsays Ben, who already dreamed of starting a life with Mahogany in the United States and having children with the woman who is half his age.

Interestingly, Ben hasn’t told Mahogany or his fans about another younger woman called “Amy Phung“who he would have been in a relationship with in 2019. A 90 day fiance The viewer recently came across a shared Facebook page of Ben and the woman, which suggests he may have been engaged or married to her. Fans suspect that Ben has a troubled past that sees him cheating on countless young women into quickly forming serious relationships with them. And it’s likely that Ben managed to do the same with Mahogany, as they were spotted together at a mall in Lima, essentially proving that they’re still together.

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