Making a Children’s Clothing Rental Brand Simple and Stress-Free with Studio Parallel

Or (On Rotation) is a brand founded on a simple principle: a subscription-based children’s clothing rental service. But when Parallel Studio was called upon to develop its identity, site and packaging, the design studio had to break down some of the public’s preconceived ideas about the steps associated with such services. “In the UK, clothing rental is still in its infancy,” says Paul Fox, creative director at Parallel. This meant that a big part of the project was making sure the rental aspect was presented simply, “without being too overwhelming for the consumer to understand”, adds Paul.

In the case of Or, some of this work was facilitated for Parallel. As a brand that uses a subscription-based model, it’s already tapping into audience familiarity with the idea – “it’s become the norm in how we watch TV or listen to music,” says Paul. . Additionally, Or is targeting sustainability-conscious shoppers familiar with its circular model from places like Facebook Marketplace, where they could “sell their baby’s clothes once they grow up, or pass them on to friends and to their families,” says Paul. However, Parallel’s challenge was to make the OR brand an easier, faster, and more enjoyable way to participate in this system.

To start, Parallel introduced a clarity-focused tagline – “Rent. Wear. Turn.” – who would immediately communicate the Gold offer. The logo also had to go to the heart of the Golden lens. Paul explains, “Babies grow from seven sizes in the first two years, which means a lot of barely used clothes end up in the landfill.” The objective of Or – to reduce this waste – is summed up by a logo reduced to the “bare minimum”, specifies Paul. Parallel also adds a playful touch with the wordmark, which cleverly rotates when in motion.

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