Man found naked in bathtub after breaking into Florida home he thought was his Airbnb

Minnesota’s Levi Sholing was found naked in the bathtub after breaking into a Florida home he thought was his ‘AirBnb’ | Image courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department/NBC 2

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  • Police arrived after the landlord said he heard noises coming from upstairs.
  • Cape Coral authorities found Levi Sholing naked in the bathtub while taking a bath.
  • The suspect said he thought it was the Airbnb where he was staying.
USA: A Minnesota man arrested for breaking into a house in Florida, USA, told police he believed it was the AirBnb where he was staying after he was found naked in the bathtub.

Levi Sholing of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, allegedly broke into the Cape Coral home after a night of Christmas Eve partying, NBC 2 reported citing arrest tapes.

Officers responding to a call about a man ‘banging on the front door’ of the house with a rock discovered broken glass, but the suspect was nowhere to be found.

Later, at around 7am on Christmas Day, police returned when the victim reported hearing noises coming from upstairs.

Investigators searched the home and found Sholing “inside the master bedroom of the second-floor master suite, inside a bathtub filled with hot water,” according to his arrest report.

According to the police, the suspect was found naked in the tub while taking a bath.

Sholing was arrested at home, where he later claimed he separated from his brother as he returned to their Airbnb after the couple supposedly got out of an Uber.

The suspect told cops he was partying with his brother on Christmas Eve in downtown Fort Myers.

Sholing admitted to using a rock to break into the house, but said he believed it was his Airbnb.

He now faces trespassing and property damage charges.

Earlier, a Florida man was arrested for moving into a house he didn’t own.
Zachary Seth Murdock broke in, took a bath, then took a nap in the bedroom and even made himself a “good cup of coffee”, Escambia County the sheriff’s office said.

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