Manchester prepare to ban short-term rentals

MANCHESTER, NJ – Seeing the troubles in neighboring towns last summer when homes advertised for short-term rentals were used for large, rowdy parties, Manchester Township Council introduced an order on Monday that would ban rentals in the short term in the canton.

The ordinance is due for second reading and a final vote at the February 8 council meeting.

This would prohibit the rental of any residential property for less than 30 days, which would prevent weekly rentals and other short-term situations that are popular on sites such as Airbnb.

Last summer, there were several instances where homes rented through an internet service were used to host noisy parties, and police were called in from nearby towns to help quell the unrest. A home in Jackson drew 700 people and took several hours to disperse. The home had been rented through Airbnb, which has tightened its rules and filters to prevent such rentals from continuing, not just in New Jersey but across the country.

The complete prescription can be found on page 52 of the Agenda for January 25, here.

It also sets out in one document the rules and regulations for renting houses, apartments, or other long-term accommodation in the same location.

“The township wishes to codify rules, regulations and a permitting process with the goal of ensuring that rental properties in the township do not result in public nuisances, noise complaints, sanitation issues, overcrowding and illegal parking in residential areas of the township,” the ordinance said.

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