Megan Fox just publicly requested a date with model Adriana Lima

Alert: Megan Fox asked Adriana Lima on a date.

We repeat: bisexual icon Megan Fox, star of the cult classic Jennifer’s body, slipped into model Adriana Lima’s Instagram comments and asked him for a date. And no, we don’t agree.

It all started with the exciting – and innocent enough – idea of ​​Adriana that she should be Megan’s next body double, seeing as the stars look slightly alike. The model then took to Instagram to share a side-by-side comparison of the brunettes, highlighting their similarities, to further prove her point. “@meganfox if you ever need a double body in any of your movies contact me,” Adriana captioned. “My only request is… we share the same makeup artist,” she continued, tagging her makeup artist Patrick Ta.

Upon seeing the message, Megan rejected the initial offer – but only because she wanted something Following of his budding friendship with the model.

“But what if I need a girlfriend… can I contact you for that too,” Megan asked in the comments, adding a purple heart. “Patrick can still be involved in one way or another. He can wear makeup when I take you to Nobu, ”she then suggested as a compromise.

Adriana, clearly pleased with Megan’s counter-offer, replied, “It’s a date tonight at Nobu.”

“Can you imagine waiting on this table,” noted one Instagram user – and no, we really, really can not.

Some may be curious how that would work, given that Megan has been very publicly linked – and in love with – her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. But Megan actually addressed this situation even on Fox5NY‘s Good Day NY earlier this year, when host Rosanno Scato asked Megan how her boyfriend would “deal” with her crush on Angelina Jolie.

“I can’t imagine he would have a problem with that,” she said. noted. “I think he would survive. He could hang on for that one.

We assume he could then “hang on” for Adriana Lima as well.

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