Michigan Party Trailer for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

I can see this trailer in my neighborhood for sure. People ride up and down my street in golf carts, but no one rides in a trailer like this. Talk about a party on wheels.

According to the seller from Macomb, Michigan, the stats for the party trailer are as follows:

  • 10ft trailer – can be disassembled and used as a trailer
  • New led trailer lights, wheels and tires
  • Table and parasol with integrated LED lighting. All components are assembled and attached to the trailer for transport.
  • Trailer includes TV, gas fireplace, propane tank, grill, and adjustable chairs
  • Condition – used but good
  • Golf cart not included

Regarding the price, the Michigan Facebook Market the ad calls for a “fair deal,” but it also has a listing price of $ 1234.00 – I would say that’s a fair price. Look at all the things that come with it. Guess if you tried to duplicate this trailer as is it would cost over $ 1234.00

If I bought this I wouldn’t even have to go anywhere. I would sit in my driveway or garden so to speak (as pictured below). It wouldn’t take long to befriend this baby parked in your driveway. Making friends with one of the many golf cart owners in my neighborhood will no longer be a problem.

The options are truly endless with this party trailer – hello, talk about a hell of a hatchback station. Look at the photos and make an offer. It’s Christmas, treat yourself. I would ask Santa Claus, but I was not good.

Michigan Party Trailer for Sale

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