‘Mighty’ House of Conjuring Resumes Haunted Tours

Last year, the terrifying Conjuring House in Burrillville, Rhode Island was purchased by Boston developer Jaqueline Nuñez for $300,000 over asking price. Nuñez spent $1.525 million on this haunted house.

According live mass, Nuñez told the Boston Globe that there were terms of purchase from the previous owner. She went on to say that she was told that due to her “powerful energy”, the owner of the house could not live there all year round.

The conjuring house is one of the most well-known haunted houses in the United States and you will soon be able to explore it as it will be open to the public.

For those with an interest in the paranormal or lovers of “The Conjuring” movie, you’ll be pleased to know that Nuñez will be running day tours and allowing guests to book nighttime investigations.

If you’ve watched Warner Brothers’ “The Conjuring” movies, then you know they’ve done a pretty good job of terrifying watchers about this house. However, Nuñez said boston magazine that “the energy there is not inherently evil”.

Are you brave enough to enter The Conjuring House?

If so, you’re in luck because a day tour and a night survey will be offered.

According to The Conjuring Houses website, daytime tours are recommended for ages 7 and up and will cost between $20-25 per person. The Daytime Tour is a one-hour guided tour where guests will learn about the history of the house as well as stories of past and present paranormal activity.

Looking for something more terrifying? Well, after a guided tour, you can choose to explore the house on your own overnight.

Want to spend the night and do your own investigation? You can but it will cost you a pretty penny. Reservations start at $960 a night for groups of up to six people (Sunday through Thursday) and $1,280 a night for groups of up to eight people on Fridays and Saturdays.

Whether you are a ghost hunter or not, this is a unique experience. You can choose to conduct your own paranormal investigation if you wish, just be aware that ghost hunting equipment will not be provided.

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