Mike Waltz concerned about Joe Biden Ukraine messaging

Republican members of the Florida congressional delegation continue to warn that the president’s tendency to talk badly is a foreign policy handicap.

The latest to offer such caveats: Rep. mike waltz of St. Augustine, who told a national television audience on Thursday of his concerns about the president’s “messaging strategy,” or lack thereof. Joe Biden regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“It’s just the real lack of a messaging strategy that worries me,” said the second-term congressman and former adviser to the vice president. Dick Cheney mentioned.

“It’s just goof after goof,” Waltz said. “And when you’re the commander-in-chief, leader of the free world, with your adversaries monitoring every signal and every message, those continued missed messages on top of his disastrous trip to Europe, when he hinted to the 82nd Airborne that they could be in Ukraine soon, I like to think it’s part of a larger strategy to keep (Vladimir Poutine on his back foot.

Waltz was on the Fox Business Network”Varney & Companywhen he made the comments, reacting to widely publicized remarks Biden went to a union this week, where he said, “If I have to go to war, I’m going with you.”

As Waltz suggested, Biden’s comments have already raised concerns, with the “goof” construct popularized by the New York Post seeming to resonate most on Florida’s right.

Earlier this week, Sen. Marco Rubio spoke to Sean Hannity from Fox News, warning of the global impact of the president’s penchant for malapropism.

“But it’s not like foreign leaders and foreign adversaries aren’t watching the same video. And they look at the same things,” Rubio said.

“That’s the part that worries me with all these gaffes,” Rubio continued. “It’s not just the impact this is having here on a national level on Americans. I feel like Americans understand that our system is so much more than Joe Biden, even though his administration is doing a lot of damage.

The senator’s interview was about halfway through the show, minutes after an opening monologue from the host ridiculing the president for saying Saturday that the former first lady michelle obama was once vice-president, and insisting again on Monday, without proof, that he was once a truck driver.

“Our allies are starting to lose faith in our country, and our opponents are starting to wonder if they can get away with certain things,” Rubio added, including Russia’s Putin.

Last month, Sen. Rick Scott lambasted what many interpreted as a call from the president to diet change in Russia, urging Biden to “stop fooling around”.

The misunderstanding Scott described came at the end of Biden’s Warsaw speech, where he said the following regarding Putin: “For God’s sake, this man can’t stay in power. The White House quickly tried to backtrack on that statement.

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