Milan and Airbnb find work solution for “temporary residents”

Milan and Airbnb find work solution for “temporary residents”

Long-term visitors to the city can now sign convenient online rental agreements

People coming to the city of Milan for longer stays than just sightseeing can now rest easy knowing they can find and book accommodation that suits their unique needs after Airbnb signed a collaboration agreement and the Italian municipality. The announcement, which came on May 10 after an online meeting between the two parties, stated that so-called “temporary residents” and students would be offered rental contracts on the accommodation platform at rates agreed with the municipal Council.

The agreement had already been signed with a national real estate platform

This appears to be part of a wider policy by the Milan authorities to provide greater flexibility for visitors, temporary workers and students and to make the city more accessible through rental price controls. This comes from the understanding that young talent should be attracted to this dynamic urban environment, regardless of their income disposition.

The project presented by the Airbnb platform provides for the creation of a dedicated page where hosts will find two models of flat rate rental contracts, one for 1-18 months and one for students (6-36 months). The page will be promoted through a campaign on different channels: seminars in collaboration with the association of owners OspitaMI, informative emails to Airbnb hosts and a campaign on social networks.

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of housing supply and demand around the world, creating the need to think about new strategies through public-private dialogue,” said Pierfrancesco Maran, councilor for town planning, adding: “Institutions need to be more dynamic, the platforms that have represented the innovation of the last decade can implement their services adapting them to the next one. This agreement was born with this objective, and from the realization that the theme of housing will be central in the years to come in a city that wants to welcome everyone.“.

Who are the “temporary Milanese”?

According to data provided by the Municipality, those who arrive in the city and trust Airbnb for a 28-day reservation are generally single people (about 70% of reservations). They choose to settle in Milan mainly during the months of January, September and October and their favorite neighborhoods are Centrale, Sarpi, Magenta-Sant’Ambrogio, Porta Romana and Porta Venezia-Dateo.

Proof of increasing mobility, more than one in two searches for temporary residence are made with the aim of being in Milan in the following month. Most research relates to stays of at least 1 or 2 months. More than 70% of searches are carried out by Italians, and the rest by foreigners who, despite the travel difficulties linked to the pandemic, are looking for “long-term” accommodation in Milan.

There are many personal and professional reasons that lead a person to seek temporary accommodation and still call it home. The collaboration with the Municipality goes in the direction of imagining a future of sustainable hospitality, which we hope to be able to replicate in other cities. Hosts are showing great attention to long-term rentals with 80% already accepting stays longer than 28 days 50% of listings have a discounted long-term rate,” explained Valentina Reino, head of public policy at Airbnb Italy.

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