Milan Public Library will present a lecture on Indian boarding schools – Morning Journal

The Milan Public Library invites people to an evening with Jolene K. Buehrer as she discusses “The Tragic and Untold History of America’s Indian Residential Schools” from 6:30-7:30 p.m., March 10.

The event will take place in the Community Hall of the Milan Public Library, 19 Church Street in Milan.

According to a press release from the Library of Milan, the recent discovery of mass graves for Native children in the United States and Canada is heartbreaking, and news reports have provided eye-opening information about Native American boarding schools to many who do not. had no prior knowledge.

It is imperative that these stories be shared with the masses – Native people continue to suffer from the generational trauma caused by these boarding schools, the statement said.

This show will answer the following questions/concerns regarding this tragic story:

• When and why did the US government establish Indian boarding schools?
• What impact did the American residential schools have on Native children?
• How has the implementation of boarding schools in the United States impacted Indigenous families?
• Why are “Indian” boarding schools such an untold story?

This program is free and open to the public.

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