Missouri Home featured on The Dead Files now an awful Airbnb

There’s a house in Jefferson City, Missouri that has a wicked haunted history that’s now an Airbnb. Some visitors were so scared that they left in the middle of the night.

It’s the Hobo House in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Apartment in entire residence.

Apartment in entire residence.

It’s a pretty normal Airbnb, but this house caused so much fear that it was featured on The Travel Channel To display dead files.

FoxNews shared the story of how the house scared off some Airbnb tenants so much, they arrived around 6 p.m. and left just after midnight. They saw dark figures on the stairs and the porch. Additionally, they reported what they called an “evil smell” in the basement. It is a watering hole which, according to the owners, never gets bigger, but never mysteriously dries up.

Entire accommodation. Host by Aaron, Airbnb

Entire accommodation. Host by Aaron, Airbnb

If you read Airbnb reviews, you will see several visitors who have recorded paranormal activity in the house. This review from Lizzie who visited in September 2022 said “Lovely house, great location within walking distance of downtown. Caught some spooky stuff on an SLS if you like that.”

Visitor Kimberly added her take on what she encountered at home, saying:

I have the best paranormal equipment on the planet, we had three rooms showing massive and strong energy at the same time. My GS2, paranormal puck, big boo buddy, PSB11, my three kinects, 360 plasma parascope, the Ganzfeld, etc… Every piece of gear was going crazy!!!!!

The Hobo Hill House in Jefferson City, Missouri is still available as an Airbnb to date with a nightly cost of $325. Do you dare to stay within its walls and try to spend the night? Many have tried, but not all have succeeded.

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