More than 20,000 Ukrainian refugees reached Hungary last Saturday

A total of 7,622 refugees entered Hungary directly from Ukraine on Saturday August 20, while another 13,086 Ukrainians entered Romania.

According to the national police headquarters (ORFK), 378 people have been issued temporary residence permits for 30 days. In addition, holders of such permits must contact a local immigration office near their residence within thirty days to request permanent documents, reports.

ORFK also added that Budapest received 713 people, including 363 children, by train.

Previously, The Hungarian National Police Headquarters revealed that more than 7,558 people entered Hungary directly from Ukraineand another 8,193 from Ukraine crossed from Romania.

In a statement, the Hungarian government said police had issued temporary residence permits to around 393 people, valid for 30 days.

Given the ongoing war in Ukraine, the number of migrants at Hungary’s eastern borders is increasing intensively, with more than 10,000 refugees arriving daily, reaching over 820,000.

In July, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced the creation of a new border protection body to guarantee border security.

Commenting on such a decision, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that this new body will work within the police but will not be composed of policemen or soldiers and will deal exclusively with border protection.

Data provided by the UN Refugee Agency revealed that since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Hungary has taken in 1,118,983 Ukrainian refugees.

In addition, other neighboring countries have also opened their doors to receive a considerable number of refugees.

These data also show that Poland is the country that has hosted the most refugees so far, with around 5,439,431 Ukrainians.

After Poland comes Romania, which received 1,044,292 refugees from Ukraine, Slovakia with 690,337 and Moldova with 573,228.

In addition, a total of 8.1 million Ukrainian refugees crossed the border to European Union countries since the start of the war.

Meanwhile, from February 24 to July 23, around 6.6 million people were displaced inside Ukraine.

According to the UNHCR, between the invasion of Russia on February 24 and August 15, 2022, around 10.9 million people fled Ukraine.

In addition, around 4.1 million people fleeing Ukraine have registered for temporary protection in the 29 EU+ countries since the start of the war until August 14.

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