Morning Brief: Winter Chaos and Speech by King Charles III

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On top : If you’ve been flirting with that overpriced kitchen appliance or item of clothing at the store for a few months, it might be time to bring it back to your loved ones because our very own Sarah Rohoman has compiled a list of Boxing Day Deals for you. There are some great sales not to be missed, including a puffer jacket to hide your pajamas and keep you warm when you go to the store, and a mattress so you can sleep soundly despite eating too much yule log yesterday.

In case you missed it

1. Holiday plans take a toll as bus crashes during snow storm on BC’s 97C

Mother Nature definitely made the naughty list this week, as her unleashed powers turned the Great White North into winter chaos. A bus accident on a British Columbia highway on Christmas Eve, the holiday cheer of more than 50 people turned into tragedy, according to Josh Elliott. Not only were more than 50 people rushed to nearby hospitals, but the death toll has been rising ever since. What a dark Christmas surprise, isn’t it?

  • When snow hits the fan: It’s not just on the highway that freezing and extreme weather is driving us to disaster, as winter has made it its personal vendetta to get people into weird Christmas situations. TikToker Kelly Eatatani gave True North the cold shoulder and literally walked to the Canada-US border after being stranded on the YVR tarmac during a historic storm. Now Ontario isn’t doing much better in this regard, with people stuck on trains for what seems like an eternity. We talk about being stuck on a VIA Rail train for over 18 hours here, people. Yeah

2. King Charles III misses his mother and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas

Canada’s new ruler has released a video wishing us peasants a Merry Christmas. The TV show had King Charles III speak from St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Narcity’s Sameen Chaudhry tells us the event was the first holiday TV show of its kind not presented by Queen Elizabeth II since 1957. While some might say the King is a little obsessed with his mother for mentioning her so much during his speech, one would think that he deliberately filled in the time talking about his late mother in order to hide the fact that he outright “forgot” to mention one of his sons and his family. Or maybe a new Netflix series featuring the royal family’s black sheep couple influenced his lyrics.

3. Rusty Trash Cans, Windmills, and Other Peculiar Shacks in Alberta

Looking for a cute little cabin somewhere in Alberta other that Banff? We got you, boo. Our personal editor Charlie Hart did the research for you, so you can just book your stay in princess province and relax. The Room offers intimate stays on Airbnb so you can get away from your routine and breathe in the outdoor air in a pretty little winter wonderland – while also being the perfect place to head inside for a marshmallow-filled hot chocolate, of course. From a cozy rustic cabin in the woods to a converted barn for sleeping, Alberta has all the quaint little places to stay and fall into the arms of Morpheus.

What else you need to know today

Texas Senator Greg Abbott caused an uproar on Twitter on Christmas Eve when videos of the hundreds of migrants he apparently sent straight to Vice President Kamala Harris’ doorstep in Washington, D.C., from its original state surfaced. But don’t worry, the Texan shared a Bible quote on Twitter, so it’s all good, right?

If you’re looking for Boxing Day shopping tips, look no further. Holidays can be the most beautiful stressful time of year when you have to be in one place with too many people at once. We can’t help you with your family dinner binge, but we can lend a hand and at least give you buying tips for sale days.

A British TikToker who moved to Canada after meeting her partner on Hinge made a video comparing Canada and the UK, and she’s baffled by the seemingly conflicting legality of cannabis and alcohol in the country. Marijuana being legal, but not drinking beer while walking down the street just doesn’t make sense to her.

Did you know that if he were still alive, Mao Tse Tung would be 129 years old today? I bet not. Younger 100-year-old luxury fashion designer Alexander Wang and American actress Beth Behrs also celebrate their birthdays on December 26, being 39 and 37 respectively.

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