Mother of 4 miracle hopefuls after high levels of mold force them out of house – NBC Chicago

Jeannette Farris was monitoring a leak inside the rental house her family lived in, but it wasn’t until her children started getting sick that she realized she needed to check for mold.

“I called Midwest Aerobiology and Labs and he came out and said that was one of the highest numbers he’s ever seen,” Farris said.

Her eldest son, Matthew, aged 12 and with special needs, had to be hospitalized. Her 5-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, was sick for two weeks.

“One time I couldn’t breathe,” Kaitlyn shared.

Matthew’s doctor wrote a note asking the family to be released from their lease. It was then that Farris and the children had to abandon their home and throw away their belongings, which led to a difficult period of uncertainty.

“At that time, we lost everything,” she said. “We being in this position is nothing I could have expected. I never saw it coming.”

The family is currently staying at an Airbnb in Gary, Indiana. He is paid until January 9, but after that the family has no secure accommodation.

Farris lost his job after Matthew’s last hospital stay. As she tries to find work, she launched a fundraiser to help bridge the gap. She hopes she can get their lives back on track and find a safe, caring place for her children to call home.

“Please give us a Christmas miracle,” pleads Farris. “I hope I can give my babies a home again.”

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