Move to “Ghost Of Kyiv”, sniper “Charcoal” is Ukraine’s new war hero

The photo of the sniper “Charcoal” was released by the Ukrainian military.

First, it was the “ghost of Kyiv” who became the hero of Ukrainian defense against the Russians. And now this place has been taken by a sniper, known only by his call sign “Charcoal”.

Footage of the sniper was posted by the Ukrainian military on Facebook, which shows her face partially covered to obscure the identity of “Charcoal”.

She is compared to the legendary World War II sniper nicknamed “Lady Death”.

According to information provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “Charcoal” joined the Marines in 2017, hoping to impress his younger brother, as reported New York Post.

She fought in the east of the country against Russian-backed separatists and served until her contract expired in January this year. The sniper returned when Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, according to The Independent.

The publication also shared what it said of the Russians: “They are not people. The Nazis weren’t as vile as those orcs. We must eliminate them all!

The Ukrainian military has not shared any information regarding its combat successes.

“Lady Death”, to whom she is compared, was a Ukrainian sniper in the Soviet Red Army. Her real name was Lyudmila Pavlichenko and she is said to have killed more than 300 German soldiers during World War II, the Job reported.

Pavlichenko defended Odessa and Sevastopol against the Nazis, before being injured by shrapnel. She also traveled to the United States to mobilize support for the war effort.

Pavlichenko was awarded the USSR’s highest military honor, the Hero of the Soviet Union award, according to The Independent.

Before “Charcoal”, Ukrainians sought to boost the morale of soldiers by making the “Ghost of Kyiv” famous. The fighter pilot was credited with shooting down 10 Russian jets on the first day of the invasion. However, the exploits have never really been verified.

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