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Young legend Coles Bailey is the latest subject of Skate Jawn“$100 Chill” feature.

“‘If I looked defeated, I would have completed my rehabilitation at the Moda Center physical therapy center,’ says Boserio. “I watched this appointment twice a week for about nine months while I was recovering from ACL surgery – thinking about how I should do it.”” Al Brown unlock the memories and chronicles the joys of seeing skateboarding in the wild before it makes its way into a video, through the lens of the Polar team filming in Portland for their final two videos.

ICYMI: Cyrus, Max, Karim + the rest of the Limosine team hit Oregon and Washington state, and I brought back this modification + photo function for Mocker.

Added Gray Area’s “Witos Story” Videoentirely shot at Witos Plaza in Warsaw, Poland, for the QS One-Spot parts map.

I can’t imagine the restraint it took for the boys at Yardsale – who dropped a mount Poland the same week that “Wok to Poland” captured the hearts, minds and ears of humans across the world – not to slip “Wok To Poland” into it. I can’t be too on the nose, you know ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (Poland looks a lot like Soho in the video!)

“[Gonz has] already pretty much done everything, so it doesn’t even matter. He’s basically Soulja Boy. Jenkem spoke to the young cinematographer who has exclusively films skateboarding on a Chromebook with a fisheye glued to it.

*Ryan Decenzo DJ drop* Smoked meat, poutine and the longest Dime Glory Challenge 2022 text yet, via Wax the sidewalk for Village Psychic

Steve Mastorelli dropped half Jersey/half New York overview of alumni[ish] pictures to a Jerky Boys classic – hopefully in anticipation of a new, more current project on the way ❤️ You bring a tank, I’ll sell the damn thing.

Jack Curtin is the last guest on caries.

QS Sports Desk Game of the Week 🏀 — I don’t know if Ja Morant was the Sports Desk’s de facto MVP last season, but there’s probably a good chance of it happening. This year. The regular season starts tomorrow!

quote of the week 🗣 “Is there seasoning at the Airbnb? Dad needs garlic powder. — Diego Todd

Happy 10/17 to those watching.

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