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Manchester will be the third most hungover city this Christmas, new survey reveals

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For a good chunk of us Brits, Christmas can be all about the booze – and there’s no denying it.

No matter how your Christmas tends to unfold, if you like a glass of alcohol, chances are one or two – or considerably more – will be sipped throughout the holiday season.

But with the Christmas drink usually comes the almighty Christmas hangover.

It turns out, however, that we Mancs are about to feel the blurry heads more than others this year, as research by CBD and supplement brand, four fiverevealed which UK towns are likely to be most hungover this Christmas – and Manchester earned a place in the top five.

Searches for “cure a hangover” increase by an average of 34% each December, as Britons try to ease the headaches and surges of nausea brought on by the festive season, according to the research.

The data reveals Newcastle had the most searches for ‘hangover cure’ per capita – with 889 searches per 100,000 people over the festive period.

Belfast and Manchester take second and third place respectively, while Leeds and Norwich also secure their place in the top five most hungover cities.

Manchester will be the third most hungover city this Christmas / Credit: Sandy Hibbard (via Unsplash)

Top 10 most hungover cities in the UK

  1. Newcastle
  2. Belfast
  3. Manchester
  4. Leeds
  5. Norwich
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Glasgow
  8. Nottingham
  9. Bristol
  10. birmingham

According to the survey, on average, the term “cure for a hangover” generates 22,200 average monthly searches, but they generally increase in December.

Other queries that typically see a spike over Christmas include searches for “hangover cures” and “best thing for a hangover.” effects?

Clinical neuroscientist and nutritionist Dr Elisabeth Philipps of fourfive says staying hydrated is key to a quick recovery this Christmas, explaining: “Alternate alcoholic beverages with a glass of water and taking a tablet of Hydration before drinking alcohol and after heavy alcohol consumption. The next morning. B vitamins are also essential to help you maintain your energy levels, and replenishing your electrolytes will help replace lost water in your body.

Searches for “cure for a hangover” increase by an average of 34% each December / Credit: Andisheh A (via Unsplash)

“Make sure you eat before you drink too.

“Healthy fats are the best option for lining the stomach, where alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. Try an avocado smoothie, hummus salad, or even cheese on toast to prepare yourself for the night.

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“And finally, don’t over-exercise with a hangover.

“It can be tempting to try and sweat a hangover, but too much exercise will only make dehydration worse – keep it light with a winter walk or a simple yoga session.”

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