‘The Holiday’ Cottage is on Airbnb for fans of the beloved film

Similar to Iris and Amanda in Holidays, you may be looking to get away from it all this time of year. Instead of doing a home swap like they do in the movie, you can now stay at Holidays cottage through Airbnb. Even though it’s a holiday classic that many people revisit in the winter, there’s been more hype than ever. Holidays after rumors circulated that there was sequel in preparation. Unfortunately for anyone hoping for the return of Jude Law and Mr. Napkin Head, Nancy Meyers debunked those rumors almost immediately. Although there may not be Holidays sequel to your future, this cottage on Airbnb is the real home that inspired Holidays. So you can kind of have your own Holidays 2and dive back into Rosehill Cottage.

According to the press release, “Researchers for Holidays scouted the cottage before recreating it brick for brick at a studio in London. While this isn’t the actual cottage Kate Winslet called home and Cameron Diaz stayed in, it looks nearly identical to the one you see on screen. In fact, your friends won’t even see the difference between your Insta photos. You can even recreate some of your favorite scenes from Holidays for TikTok videos. You just need to know where Holidays Cottage is the first.

Where is Holidays Cottage?


In Holidays, Iris’ Rosehill Cottage is located in Surrey, bordering London. While the capital is where they ended up recreating the house for production, the real Holidays cottage is located in Holmbury St Mary. The small village is also in Surrey, England, and about an hour from London. This is the perfect place for a UK getaway. The rental offers a comfortable stay that exudes the ambiance of Miss Honey’s home from Matilda, while still being close enough to town where you can be a tourist and explore every day.

Of course, you might want to stay in your cabin all the time. The Airbnb house can accommodate up to five people with three bedrooms. In the film, Iris’ description of her house says you can “nuzzle by an old stone fireplace and enjoy a cup of cocoa.” It may not be the stone fireplace you see in Holidays, but this Airbnb cottage has a fireplace inside where you and your friends can get together and play games while drinking hot chocolate or mulled wine. During your cozy stay, you can also see Holidays while staying in Holidays residence. It will be a real meta moment.

How much costs Holidays Cottage on Airbnb?


Besides being a Nancy Meyers fan’s dream come true, which makes Holidays chalet so great is that it is also quite affordable. At around £283 or $342 a night, it’s not bad if you really split it between five people. The math boils down to about $68 per person per day, which is very economical for your own home away from home.

The chalet also has its own garden where you might want to spend some time during the warmer months. You can read a Jane Austen novel, have a picnic at the house, or just stroll around as if you were there. Bridgerton.

Speaking of which, you could definitely take advantage of your time abroad to visit some of the filming locations of a few of your other favorite movies and TV shows. There are Bridgerton filming locations all over the UK, many of them located in central London. Of course there is also Ted Lasso filming locations and stains Harry Styles fans will recognize of his music videos. You could even divide your time between Holidays cottage and a Harry Potter Airbnb at Godric’s Hollow. If you follow the Travel trend 2023 of set-jetting in the new year you will definitely want to add this Holidays home to your bucket list.

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