Nebraska Woman Asks Las Vegas For Help Find Dog After NFR Escape | News

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A Nebraska woman needs help from the valley to find her missing dog.

Jordan Sanders traveled to Las Vegas to watch his brother compete in the National Rodeo Finals. His dog, Murphy, accompanied him on the trip.

“We had a really nice Airbnb, a bit south of Vegas. It had a really nice big fenced-in backyard that was supposed to be dog-proof,” she said.

But when Jordan left the house to shop, Murphy escaped.

“He kind of has separation anxiety,” she said. “He went to get me, which is so sad.

Jordan and her husband extended their weekend for a week to continue searching for Murphy.

“We posted about 200 flyers all over town and I decided to post a post on Facebook,” Jordan said.

The Facebook post took off and received over 12,000 shares. After returning to Nebraska, her phone started ringing all the time.

“I had several people who went to the shelter and who were looking for me since I can’t. We had two ladies, very kindly, with their own money, who printed more flyers.”

Murphy was last seen on the Ring Doorbell camera in the South Valley, about a mile south of Silverton. Although he hasn’t been spotted since, Jordan isn’t giving up.

“I am naturally an optimistic person,” she said in tears. “I can’t give up yet. ”

If you see Murphy, you are prompted to call or message Jordan at (308) 207-0091. She offers $ 800 to anyone who finds their dog. She will return to Las Vegas to pick him up once he’s found.

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