neostudio architekci’s concrete bus stop runs on solar energy

the concrete bus stop serves as a communal educational space

A ground level concrete flat cube-shaped building serves as a multifunctional municipal bus stop in Wieleń, Poland. Dubbed the “Bus Stop Education Community Center” by architecture studio Neostudio Architekci, the space invites residents to stimulate social and cultural experiences. Giving meaning to the community, the bus stop consists of a coffeesquare with courtyard, terrace and multipurpose space generated by a solar energy lighting system.

With the aim of revitalizing the downtown district between Kościuszki, Sienkiewicza and Wybickiego streets, the bus stop named ‘Skwer Usług Kultury, Przystanek Edukacja’, replaced the original design proposal, the Hotel ‘Du Nord’, to bring back gastronomic and communal services in this part of town. The main investment objective was to create a public square where residents gather and share information.

Facade of the concrete arcades

all images courtesy of Pawel Swierkowski

the concrete arcades facade follows the permeable sustainable design

In the same way as the neighboring buildings, the architects at Neostudio Architekci designed the urban partition as a flat cuboid of reinforced concrete arches with walls divided into two different surfaces: 75% structural glazing and 25% fiber cement cladding. The glass-structured atrium serves as an information center and café. One of the main design proposals was to reduce the concreted and impermeable areas by designing a permeable terrace and a gravel area in the public space while taking into account the technical infrastructure and the small architecture.

Guided by the principles of environmental sustainability, the bus stop is also equipped with a low-power systemsolar powered outdoor lighting system. Additionally, to remove the urban heat, a green roof over the concrete building is installed and a single plane is centered in the middle of the plaza. The street and the gravel area are separated by a dividing wall, which can serve as a projection screen for outdoor events in the space, and a board on which advertisements and historical information can be displayed for a view of the street. In addition, the café that opens onto the multi-purpose square serves as an information center of the city of Wieleń and a space for residents to reintegrate into society.

community center education bus stop 2
drone view of the communal bus stop and green roof

community center education bus stop 3
main courtyard with gravel floor and a tree in the center

community center education bus stop 11
the inclined concrete slab provides shade between the surrounding facade and the glass structure

community center education bus stop 4
exterior view of the concrete facade and the glass structure of the café

community center education bus stop 5
concrete arches surround the glass structure

community center education bus stop 8
structural glazing forms the information center and cafe

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