New Airbnb hosts earned the most in these 10 states in 2021

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  • The typical Airbnb host earned $13,800 in 2021, 85% more than before the pandemic.
  • Airbnb has ranked the 10 US states where new hosts have made the most money.
  • Hot states dominate the list: four southern states, for example, make the top seven.

It pays to have a space to share.

The typical Airbnb host brought in $13,800 from their property last year, according to a report of the seasonal rental giant. That’s an 85% jump from pre-pandemic levels.

New owners were also able to grab a piece of the action, bringing in a total of $1.8 billion in 2021. Hosts who started taking bookings last year were able to capitalize on Americans’ desire to travel after the pandemic closures ended, Sam Randall, an Airbnb spokesperson, said. Demand for short-term rentals nationwide increased by 22% in 2021, according to rental research firm AirDNAbut supply was far behind, jumping only 2.6% from a year earlier.

Airbnb analyzed the numbers to determine the 10 states where new hosts made the most money Last year. The most lucrative regions are a mix of popular hot-weather destinations, like California and Arizona, and northeastern states with large metropolitan areas, like New York and Pennsylvania.

Four Southern states — North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida — made the top seven. Third on the list is Texas.

It was the promise of profits that motivated Dallas residents Jared and Allyson Jurkowski to become hosts. In late 2021, Jared told Insider, the couple learned from friends that vacation rental business was heating up in Galveston, Texas, a city of 50,000 with a long coastline on the Gulf of Mexico an hour away. southeast of Houston.

Jared said Galveston’s access to beaches and fishing – as well as its appeal to travel nurses who need temporary housing – have made the city “a really hot area” for short-term rentals. term.

In February, the Jurkowskis closed on a $342,000 home just two blocks from Stewart Beach, one of Galveston’s most popular beaches.

“We wanted to get into short-term rentals,” Jared said, adding that he and Allyson plan to use the house for a few weeks a year.

Their first booking for the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home is for Friday, Jared said, and the couple hope to bring in between $40,000 and $50,000 in the first year. Their average rental prices vary from $140 per night off-season to $250 per night from May to September.

We’ve listed the 10 states where Airbnb hosts who were new to the platform last year made the most money. For each state, we’ve also included AirDNA’s 2021 data on available listings, occupancy rates, and average prices per night.

Granted, some states have more hosts and higher prices than others, which affects the total revenue generated from new hosts. Still, the breakdown can help aspiring hosts gauge the demand for short-term rentals in those states, especially if, like the Jurkowskis, they’re ready to dive in.

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