New Fairfield asks residents for help enforcing rental ban

NEW FAIRFIELD — It’s not long since the city established regulations on short-term rentals, and authorities are already facing a new challenge: imposing a ban on rentals as the holiday season dawns.

Governor Ned Lamont implemented an executive order last month banning non-essential short-term accommodation during the coronavirus crisis.

“Aggressive mitigation measures are imperative to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state and region, and one of those measures … is ensuring people stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. or temporary accommodation for vacation or leisure purposes,” Executive Order No. 7T States.

The order applies to hotels, timeshares and other accommodation types, including Airbnb, VRBO and other properties rented for 31 days or less.

At this stage, the execution of the decree rests with the city, said Monday the first coach Pat Del Monaco.

“Like some of the other provisions of the executive orders, this is kind of a first time that we educate and inform you of the requirements and encourage compliance. And I would also take that perspective with this (order),” she said.

Del Monaco said the executive orders have the effect of state law, but the state has not provided clear guidance on how they should be enforced.

The state recommended local police enforce the ordinance, she said, but there have been “differing opinions in different state agencies as to where the enforcement originated.”

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