New York Airbnb host says it looks like a serial killer lived in his apartment (VIDEO)

This article contains content that may disturb some of our readers.

A New York Airbnb host went viral on TikTok this week for sharing a shocking video of the aftereffects left by a guest staying in his apartment.

TikTok user Jazmin Jones has amassed over 1.2 million views on the video captioned: “You better help us clean up after Norman Bates”, a reference to the fictional character of the serial killer in the classic horror film, psychology.

The video shows footage of the ransacked apartment, with household items strewn across the floor, empty wine boxes, bloodstained sheets, a ransacked bathroom, dirty dishes, moldy trash and, most disturbingly again, a big stain of blood on the white wall.

The host explains that while it appears the guest was “a literal demon,” he was actually just a 36-year-old NYU professor.

To top it off, she realized the door had been broken in around the same time she discovered the apartment was infested with mice.

She called her friend, who then helped her escape the chaotic apartment via the fire escape.


@airbnb you better help us clean up after Norman Bates 👀 #airbnb

In a video updatethe host explains that the authorities have been contacted and will approach the situation “like a crime scene/trial”.

The video shows a professional cleaning company fixing the mess, although the apartment is likely to need renovations as well as new furniture.

Hospital records left by the guest indicate that the blood was likely his and that whatever happened to create such chaos, he no longer taught at the university.

In the meantime, the host stayed with close friends until the apartment was habitable again.

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