Builders say tiny homes will be the future of affordable housing in Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Tiny homes are more popular than ever, giving the Valley access to homeownership at an affordable price. With these houses, the entire unit can now be picked up, shipped, and placed wherever you want.

Tony Lopez is the founder and CEO of Alternative Living Spaces in Las Vegas, and his company’s goal is to help people become homeowners for about a third of the cost of a traditional home.

“You can still have the same quality of life, just live in a smaller space and have less expense,” Lopez said.

It says you get all the amenities without all the costs.

“Starts at around $50,000 for our 20ft model, we also do 30ft and 40ft, and pricing ranges from $50,000 to $100,000,” Lopez said.

He says he and his team have built more than 100 homes from shipping containers and other materials here in southern Nevada. Lopez says these homes can be a lasting solution to the inventory crisis and best of all, he says, 30 to 40 homes can be built in about three months.

“You can import units built locally or from other states and almost overnight dramatically increase your housing population,” Lopez explained.

Today the Tiny Homes Association reviewed plans to bring more tiny home communities to the Valley. The association’s Noah Herrera said Senate Bill 150 requires members of Nevada counties and cities to designate at least one zoning district where a small community of homes can be built.

“Our average median sale price for a home right now in Las Vegas is $475,000 and when you bring this type of product line 60% off on that basis, it brings affordability back,” Herrera said. .

Lopez says the bill also helps homeowners place these homes in their backyards.

“Something for in-laws, grandparents, maybe kids graduating from college or high school and needing a place to sleep, you can even have an Airbnb in your backyard,” said Lopez said.

Lopez says it takes fewer materials to build these tiny homes, which makes them more affordable, and they’re also environmentally friendly. The Tiny Home Association says it has submitted a plan to the state to use $10,000 to build 40 tiny homes like these every 9 months here in the Valley.

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