New York couple recount pleasant interaction with Flemington’s missing wife NJ Lauren Cho in California – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNew York) – A woman from New Jersey has been missing for 99 days.

Lauren Cho suddenly disappeared after traveling across the country to California with her boyfriend to pursue her dream of becoming a chef.

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CBS2’s Cory James followed this story and spoke to a local couple on Tuesday who said they met the missing woman days before her disappearance.

The New York couple he spoke to did not want to reveal his identity, but told him they met Cho at an Airbnb resort in Southern California. They described it as a complex for budding artists and a place where relatives said Cho lived.

Cho, whom her relatives call “El,” has an angelic presence that even strangers like a woman from Brooklyn have witnessed.

“She was smiling pretty much the entire time we spoke,” the woman said.

Lauren Cho (Photo: CBS2)

The New York resident said it was the last face-to-face interaction she had with the missing woman from Flemington, New Jersey.

It was when Cho brought a honeymoon meal for the new bride and her husband to a Yucca Valley Airbnb in May – a $ 206 dinner that the resort host suggested the new couple get.

“Everything was vegetarian. Everything was super fresh, ”said the woman. “I remember we ate every bite. She seemed to be in a good mood.

It was a different encounter for the newlyweds, who told CBS2 that they met Cho, 30, the day before at the pool with her boyfriend.

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“I could tell El was feeling a little uncomfortable,” the woman’s husband said.

“I feel like he was ignoring her a bit, more to socialize with others,” the woman said. “He said, ‘This is my partner, El'”

A month after the couple returned home, they learned that the woman they thanked for cooking their private meal had been reported missing.

Authorities say Cho’s ex-boyfriend told them she walked away from the compound around 5 p.m. on June 28, leaving behind personal belongings after “suffering from mental distress.”

Thirty-three days later, investigators served a search warrant at the compound, but it is not known what evidence, if any, was found.

“When you look at the map it looks pretty sorry, but there are a fair amount of houses and so on,” the woman said.

“There is something that is not said that must be [dug up]”, added the husband.

This left many people wondering what happened, and Cho’s family and close friends are hoping to hear her voice again.

The Brooklyn couple interviewed by CBS2 on Thursday said someone from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office contacted them Monday evening. At present, investigators have told CBS2 that they do not suspect any foul play.

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However, they are still waiting for potential leads in the case.

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