“Thursday with a good movie” at the Delta club

The movie season begins at the Delta Club! “Thursday with a good movie” is not only good movies, but also fun conversations.

October and November at Cinema Club Delta is a meeting with strong personalities. Among the selected films, completely new titles, there are also classic films of the highest rank. Each presentation and introduction to the picture performed by the film journalist and animator Krzysztof Spór are combined. In the Delta Club at ul. Racławicka 10 In Dąbie you can count on good cinema and good conversations – about the cinema, of course. Tickets at the price of PLN 10 / PLN 5 (Active Senior Academy) to be purchased before the performances. The organizers ask for the observance of the DDM principle: disinfection – distance – masks.

projection table:

October 7 (Thursday), 5:30 PM
promise. small. woman (promising young woman)
UK / USA 2020, 113 ′
Directed by: Szmaragd Fennell
Upsada: Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie

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Everyone said Cassie (Carrie Mulligan) was a promising young woman until a mysterious event suddenly disrupted her future. But nothing in Cassie’s life is as it seems. Cassie is incredibly intelligent, attractively cunning, and lives a secret double life at night. An unexpected meeting will give the girl a chance to correct her past mistakes in this very funny story.

The film received five Academy Award nominations and won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

October 28 (Thursday), 17:30
USA / UK 2019, 110 ′
Directed by Ron Howard
Cast: Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Griminilli, Nicoletta Mantovani

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An extremely touching story of the most beloved opera singer of all time. Pavarotti – a real rock star in an operatic edition, a voice from another world, a cool guy, a legend. He was the only one who could make Lady Diana hear him wet in the rain. Just travel the world with your own food. The film contains recordings of an unforgettable performance, including excerpts from the concert of Three Tenors, as well as previously unpublished archival materials and statements of relatives, including Pavarotti’s second wife, Nicoletta, as well as Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo and Major. U 2 Bono. The painting is an in-depth and honest representation of the life, career and legacy of one of the icons of the music scene. Pavarotti was called the “tenor of ordinary people” because he combined the personality of a genius with a famous person and used his talents to spread the good news that opera can be an entertainment that all music lovers enjoy.

November 4 (Thursday), 17:30
United States 2020, 107 ′
Directed by Chloe Chow
Upsada: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Linda May

Thursday with a good movie
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Verne (Francis McDormand), after the economic collapse of a working-class town in Nevada, packs his truck and hits the road, discovering life beyond traditional society as a modern nomad. Nomadland tells the story of Linda May, Swankie and Bob Wells – true nomads who become Fern’s guides and companions on her journeys through the vast American West.

Three Oscars, including Best Film of the Year. The Golden Lion in Venice. Golden Frog for the Camerimage Festival.

November 25 (Thursday), 5:30 pm
United States 1982, 116 ′
Directed by Sidney Pollack. Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange, Terry Jarre

Thursday with a good movie
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A very successful satirical comedy depicting the New York theater, film and television community is the idea of ​​Dustin Hoffman, who wanted to dedicate the film to all actors whose talent was not appreciated. The main character is aware of her acting talent, but is unable to keep herself in the profession due to the difficult character. Only when he disguises himself as a woman does he change his status and bring the desired popularity, but also true love, the realization of which forces him to shed his mask.

Jessica Lange received an Oscar for supporting the role, and the film itself received ten nominations.

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