What is “Couch Guy” on TikTok? Viral “cheating” video explained

Whispers of “dude on the couch” drifted across the internet as social media weighed in on a polarizing viral video.

Hailing from TikTok, “couch guy” has sparked quite a debate about cheating, gaslighting, lying, and exactly how someone is supposed to react when caught by a distant partner.

What is “couch guy” on TikTok?

This viral trend refers to a video posted by TikTok user Lauranzarras in which she surprises her boyfriend who has been to college and hasn’t seen her for a month.

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The video is approximately 20 seconds long and has been viewed over 52 million times since its publication on September 21. The original TikTok sparked a viral wave of videos reacting, analyzing, and commenting on the people and events depicted in the video.

In the video Lauren, accompanied by several friends, walks into the room with her bags to see Robbie sitting on a couch with three other girls.

Robbie, now more commonly known online as the “couch dude,” sees Lauren and slowly stands up to give her a hug. On first viewing, the video looks pretty innocuous, but over the next few days viewers began to draw conclusions about the video.

Some have accused the “couch guy” of cheating on his girlfriend.

The whole interaction seems to be somewhat awkward as Robbie half-heartedly stands up to meet his girlfriend whom he hasn’t seen in weeks.

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