New York’s 1,000 Islands are home to the world’s smallest inhabited island

There are many small islands in the Thousand Islands, but Just Room Enough Island takes things to a whole new level.

Just Room Enough Island, New York

the The Thousand Islands of northern New York State and Canadian Ontario are surprisingly underrated part of the region. They form an archipelago on the St. Lawrence River straddling the Canada-US border. The archipelago is made up of countless beautiful islands and one of the islands, Heart Island, even has a castle (Boldt Castle).

One of the most eye-catching islands is the aptly named Just Room Enough Island (which has just enough room for a single house). In Europe, maybe the most eye-catching island is a picturesque island with a church on Lake Bled located in the Slovenian Alps. Alternatively, one can rent a tiny tiny island with a lighthouse in Croatia on Airbnb.

What to Know About the Stunning 1,864 Thousand Island Forts

The Thousand Islands extend approximately 50 miles from just downstream of Kingston, Ontario. The largest islands reach over 40 square miles while the smallest has just enough room for a single residence (or just uninhabited rocky outcrops).

To count as one of the Thousand Islands, the island must be at least one square foot and have at least two living trees.

Following the inconclusive War of 1812, the Treaty of Ghent divided the Thousand Islands between the United States and British America (later Canada). That being said, the Canadians still ended up with two-thirds of the islands.

The Thousand Islands: a favorite getaway for New Yorkers and Canadians

The Thousand Islands has long been a favorite location for vacation homes and retreats. They are popular for people who want to enjoy a relaxing summer getaway. Most of the islands are privately owned and do not accept visitors. The larger ones that normally require a boat to visit.

The largest grouping of islands is between Cape Vincent and Alexandria Bay in the United States and between Kingston and Rockport in Canada. Looking from the shore, one can see a mix of some properties waving the American stars and stripes, while others emblazoned with the Canadian maple leaf.

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One of the most notable islands in the group is Wellesley Island, which has three golf courses, two state parks and a range of facilities.

New York is a state that has many beautiful islands that you can actually visit and upstate New York is famous for its beauty.

Just Room Enough Island – The smallest inhabited island in the world

Just Room Enough Island is said to be the smallest inhabited island in the world. If there is a smaller inhabited island, it cannot be much smaller. It’s only about 3,300 square feet or one-thirteenth of an acre. It is otherwise known as Hub Island.

  • Cut: 3,300 square feet (310 m2) (1/13th of an acre)

The island is known to have been purchased by the Sizeland family in the 1950s. Today the island has a single house, a tree, shrubs and a small beach. This small piece of land squeezes into the house and a few wrought iron benches that are pushed hard against the shingles on its banks.

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The island is located between Heart Island and Imperial Isle quite close to the US border with Canada. It is part of Alexandria Bay in Jefferson County in New York.

Some people dream of having a “little island all to themselves” – well, it doesn’t get any smaller than that. At least the island is free of annoying neighbors, traffic and disturbing noises.

As the name suggests, the name barely has enough room for a house, but somehow we got stuck there. The walls of the house are literally built on the edges of the island.

To count as an “island” in the Thousand Islands, the island must have at least two living trees and that island has one tree and some brush. If one were to shoot them down, maybe it wouldn’t even be considered an “island.”

While the Sizeland family may have wanted peace and quiet in the middle of nowhere, the unique home they built ended up being something of an attraction for tourists and mass media approaching the island by boat.

That being said, wait for winter and the water to freeze, and it’s no longer an island.

Take the time to explore the Thousand Islands and see the many other unique attractions there.

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