New York’s most expensive Airbnb is closer than you think

There are so many options for Airbnb when planning a vacation. It makes you wonder…how expensive can some of these places be? If you’re looking for a big bill to pay, there’s a Finger Lakes mansion for you.

Photo credit: Airbnb

Photo credit: Airbnb

There’s a reason the mansion is called the Millionaires Row Estate. This posh mansion in Seneca Falls was originally built in the 1870s and is completely intact. At $3,926 per night, it’s easily one of the most expensive Airbnbs in New York State.

The entire mansion sleeps 12, with 4 bedrooms, 6 beds and 3 bathrooms in total. The estate is fully equipped with WIFI, a nice kitchen, on-site parking and many other amenities. Even better, it’s pet friendly!

Photo credit: Airbnb

Photo credit: Airbnb

The mansion’s first owner was Amelia Gould Swaby. She was a close friend of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, responsible for writing speeches for Susan B. Anthony and the first women’s convention in Seneca Falls. The Vanderbilts and Rockefellers often stayed at the estate when traveling from New York.

There is a lot to admire when it comes to the history of the house. All joinery seems original. You will experience the millionaire experience and be treated like royalty during your stay.

Photo credit: Airbnb

Photo credit: Airbnb

The funniest thing about the house has to be the state of the art shower they installed. Everything about the house makes you feel like you’re in the late 1800’s except for this shower. It’s the one thing about the mansion that looks the most expensive. That’s…until you see the kitchen too.

Of course, if you’re not just here for the history, you’re a short walk or drive from an assortment of wineries and distilleries. The Finger Lakes region has so much to offer, so why not book a stay and go explore it for yourself.

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